The Association bursary program was created to assist serving members of the Regiment, the Regimental family, and the general public with the cost of post-secondary education. Awarded bi-annually, each bursary has a value of $500, and is named after a member of the Regiment. Bursaries can be applied for throughout the length of one’s post-secondary education and so are not meant as a one-time award.

Only individuals who meet the eligibility criteria and fully complete the application will be accepted to receive a bursary. As our application form has changed, please download it here and be sure to read it thoroughly. Please do not send originals of any forms as these unfortunately cannot be returned to you.

Deadline for submission of bursary applications is October 15th for the fall session, and, February 15th for the winter session. Applications received after the deadline, or incomplete applications, will not be considered and will have to be reapplied for at the next biannual period.

Please email your completed bursary form to


To be eligible for a bursary you must be:

  • enrolled in full-time at a post-secondary institution in Alberta
  • an Association member, or immediate family member of an Association member (spouse, children, sibling)
  • a serving member of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment in good standing and provide Company Commander recommendation
  • a serving member of an affiliated cadet corps with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment and have a cadet unit CO recommendation
  • applications from the general public do not require affiliation with the Association or the Loyal Edmonton Regiment; no less than one bursary will be provided to the general public per bi-annual award

Applicants must also provide:

  • proof of post-secondary admission
  • a copy of their academic record (if applicable)
  • tuition receipts
  • a completed application essay

Application Essay

Applicants must write a short essay of between 300 and 500 words on one of the following 3 topics:

  1. What role does the Loyal Edmonton Regiment play in the community? How does an active military reserve force support domestic and foreign policy of the federal government? What role could the Loyal Edmonton Regiment play in maintaining international security?
  2. Write a biography on one of the Regiment’s historical figures.
  3. Write a synopsis of one of the battles the Regiment fought in; discuss the outcome.

Available Bursaries

The Association has named bursaries for the following former Eddies:

  • Major General William Griesbach – the Regiment’s first CO and Edmonton’s most distinguished soldier
  • Lt Colonel Leonard Harris – the Regiment’s WWI medical officer and post-war CO
  • Major Henry Hobbs – the Regiment’s second WWI RSM who later became an officer and awarded the MC
  • Sergeant Dave Barbour – WWI soldier awarded the DCO and MC who was wounded three times
  • Private John Chipman Kerr – WWI solider and first VC winner of the Regiment
  • Private Cecil John Kinross – WWI soldier and second VC winner of the Regiment
  • Brigadier James Curry Jefferson – CO of the Regiment during the Battle of Ortona
  • Colonel James Riley Stone – rising from private to Lt Colonel in WWII he was awarded the MC at the Battle of Ortona
  • Colonel Gordon Armstrong – WWII officer who remained with the post-war Militia unit
  • Regimental Sergeant-Major Ran Bowen – WWII RSM who was awarded the MC at the Battle of Ortona
  • Private William Shaw – WWII veteran who was active post-war with the Association
  • Private Roland Castagner – WWII veteran who actively supported the Regimental Museum
  • Private Melville McPhee – WWII veteran who actively supported the Regimental Museum
  • Lieutenant Alon Johnson – WWII scout platoon commander at the Battle of Ortona
  • Captain John Dougan – WWII MC winner and active supporter of the Regiment
  • Lt Colonel Ed Boyd – WWI Officer who remained with the Militia unit post-war
  • Lt Colonel Bernard Stanton – first CO of the Regiment post-WWII
  • Sergeant Les Wharton – a fine Snr NCO and leader who passed unexpectedly in 2005
  • Master Corporal Raymond Arndt – Afghanistan War soldier killed in the line of duty
  • Corporal Zach McCormack – Afghanistan War soldier killed in the line of duty
  • Corporal Joshua Baker – Afghanistan War soldier killed in the line of duty