Photo Credit: Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum

Towards the end of 1916 the CO of the 49th Battalion CEF, Colonel WA Griesbach, asked that an association be formed to assist Battalion soldiers returning from WWI with reintegrating into civilian life. The 49th Battalion Association was formed in 1917 and has been supporting the soldiers and families of the Regiment continuously since that time. Today’s Association carries on this important role by supporting the Loyal Edmonton Regiment which perpetuates the spirit and lineage of the fighting 49th.

Fears No Foe!

What We Do.

For Members: The 49th Battalion Association is dedicated to fostering fellowship and remembrance within the Regimental Family. To this end we hold an annual fall dinner, publish the FortyNiner Magazine, and, sponsor an annual member BBQ event formerly known as Lestock Day. The Association also funds the Regimental Kitshop which is located in Battalion lines a the Jefferson Armoury in Edmonton, Alberta.

For Families:  At the request of families of former members of the Battalion, the Association will arrange for a military presence at a funeral and pallbearers if desired. We will also provide a simple wreath and flowers for the funeral.

For Our Community: The Association offers bi-annual bursaries of $500 each. Please see our Bursaries page for more information.

Contacting the Association: For a full list of Association Executive contacts, please look at the About Us page.